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Viper 211HV 1-WAY Keyless Entry System

5 Stars
211HV 1WAY Keyless Entry System


Model: 211HV
UPS: 093207008832
Package Quantity: 1

Selecting car alarms? Examine the 211HV 1-WAY Keyless a great car alarm by Viper. A summary of characteristics are clone-safe code-hopping, on-board door lock relays and 3 channel keyless entry system. EAN# 0093207008832. The car alarm weighs about 1 lbs. To make certain that your transaction goes well and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll supply some pointers prior to purchasing this car alarm. Which means you aren't dissatisfied after buying it and in accordance with the item you really want. There are also cost comparisons from vendors I met, so you receive the best value right now with this fantastic item. 211HV 1-WAY Keyless , click on the hyperlink below.

This Viper Keyless Entry system offers features like Ignition Controlled Door Locks and Domelight Supervision, two 4-button remotes and parking light flash confirmation. 3 channel keyless entry systemClone-Safe Code-HoppingOn-board Door Lock RelaysParking Light FlashBright Blue LED Status IndicatorGround When Armed OutputDome Light Supervision - On-Board Relay2 Auxiliary OutputsHorn HonkIncludes Two 4-button Transmitters Method comes with 2 auxiliary outputs for optional remote control conveniences.


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