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Auto Page Alarm System With Remote Starter 915 Mhz 6 Channel - C3-RS1100LCD

5 Stars
Alarm System With Remote Starter 915


Model: C3-RS1100LCD
UPS: 094922111289
Color: BEIGE
Package Quantity: 1

Looking for an alarm? The Alarm System With Remote Starter 915 a great solution! In my opinion you will like that the item has got this feature, new high-tech chrome metal finish with smart-looking leather strap for the key ring. C3-RS1100LCD is the product number for this stellar item. These alarms comes in beige. It's 1.31" Height x 2.75" Length x 5.5" Width and weighs close to 1.8 lbs. alarm system, in beige .

Alarm System With Remote Starter, 915 Mhz, 6 Channel. On-board temperature and voltage sensors for identifying in-cabin temperature and battery voltage from the remote. Two-way rechargeable paging transceiver uses SST (Spread Spectrum Technology) for transmitting and receiving at 915 megahertz. New main unit design with wiring harness on one side, hidden door compartment for plug-in shock sensor and V/O switch, plus on-board 30/40 ampere micro relays that contribute to a 50% reduction in main unit size to fit inside the smaller and tighter spaces beneath the dashboards of newer autos. Select car type and color for home screen. Uses hundreds of streaming bit maps with vivid color and motion graphics. New design two-way, window mount, super extended range helical transceiver antenna module. New OLED screen with 50% more viewing area in full color. New 5-button extended range METAL 1-way remote transmitter. EMS mini-size Dual Stage shock sensor. New high-tech chrome metal finish with smart-looking leather strap for the crucial ring. English, French and Spanish language options. Includes 4 hour clock with meter minder, temperature, voltage indicator and countdown/run timer.


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