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Scy Tek Car Security Alarm And Keyless Entry System W/ Two 5-BUTTON Remotes

Scy Tek Car Security Alarm And Keyless4 Star Rating
Scy Tek Car Security Alarm And Keyless
Combat Car Thievery With The Scy Tek Car Security

When you purchase on the internet, it's quicker to get better deals on different merchandise. The Scy Tek Car Security Alarm And Keyless - a great car alarm by Scytek is a fantastic solution if you are searching to buy the latest alarm! One of the several key attributes is the plug-in user programmable coded override switch. Additional features include on-board starter relay disabler, horn output and parking-light flash. UPC Number 712660321127, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

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Special Price: $25.00
Publisher: ScyTek
Model: SP400
UPC: 712660321127
Quantity: 1

Full Description

Dual Zone Shock Sensor This shock sensor utilizes warning chirps for minor disturbances and will trip the alarm if it detects more serious impacts or disruptions. Most dual zone shock sensors have adjustable sensitivity to reduce false alarms or warnings. These sensors let would-be thieves know that your automobile is equipped with an advanced alarm system and to keep away.

Keyless Entry Performs lock and unlock tasks with no physical get in touch with using the vehicle. Power door locks may possibly be controlled from several feet away or even within a building using a remote fob. The fob emits a radio frequency that is digitally encoded to prevent frequency stealing so no a single can enter into your vehicle without your wireless transmitter.


  • Horn Output
  • Plug-in user programmable Coded Override Switch
  • Includes Two 5-button Remotes
  • Parking-Light Flash
  • On-board starter relay disabler
  • Quantity: 1

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